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Same D4Ence “Basic Instinct EP”

One of the most anticipated event at this years festival is the release of the Limerick based group SAME D4ENCE’s EP “Basic Instinct” which will debut on July 2nd during the Make A Move Weekend.
The group who are a rap/hip hop based trio made up of Size, Hazey Haze and MCB started off rapping at a very early age between their families coal bunkers and back yard sheds to different family members but have since moved on to perform to wider scale audiences at even bigger venues.
With the aid of their own original lyrics, SAME D4ENCE showcase the trials and tribulations they have faced both individually and together which can be seen on “Basic Instinct”
The trio are constantly working on their own material while receiving guidance from the Rusangano Family, As well as teaming up with DJ/Producer Deviant & Naive Ted to work on their own debut EP.
The EP itself holds a battle and a “here we come” vibe accompanied with deep and dirty lyrics that hold consistent throughout the record.
A lot of time and effort has been put into this EP by many people, so it is at the stage now where it needs to be released for the world to hear.
As well as promoting and releasing their EP, SAME D4ENCE will be performing on July 5th (Sunday) for the Make A Move festival wrap party in the Blind Pig- Admission Free.  Also on the bill ApocalypsE, TSM (True Street Music), Dreddy, Bubba Jay. Plus second floor with DJ AC1 for Rebirth after party.