Excavating the Reno is a project by Jamican-Irish playwright Linda Brogan. Growing up in Manchester, in the 1970s in a time of “no blacks, no Irish, no dogs”, it was home. The legendary funk and soul cellar club was based in Moss Side Manchester. The club’s heyday of 1971-81 saw it as ‘the place to be’; with visits from the likes of Tony Wilson, snooker champion Alex Higgins and even Muhammad Ali.

For this visit to Limerick, where Linda has her irish roots, Linda will give an illustrated talk on the project and participate in a Q&A. On the Saturday afterwards, Eoin Devereux, Paul Tarpey and Niall Bourke will host a walking tour of seminal Limerick nightspots now closed.

An award winning playwright and who has had a residency in the National Theatre Linda was tempted to write a play about the Reno but she “couldn’t capture the nuances. Instead I harvested the Reno itself.”


  • 2016 She collected over 60+ hours of memoirs.
  • 2017 Excavated the actual club with Salford University Archaeology.
  • 2018 “Excavating The Reno” was finalists in 8 awards.
  • 2019 The project is resident in the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester from March 2019 to April 2020.


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